Sunday, March 17, 1991

Down Town Browne’s

Dropped in on another jam and heard the end of the acoustic jam which is run by Eddie Baltimore. He played great guitar and his jam was followed by the electric jam hosted by Doreen Smith, a powerhouse singer. Didn’t participate but I ran into Danny Marks and dropped by across the street to hear him at Crooks. Danny was doing a set of obscure 60’s tunes (“Pipeline”, “These Boots Are Made For Walkin”???). Anyway, I ran into “The Balls” again and we all headed to Grossmans to catch the end of the jam over there. This band looks like a bunch of Norse Gods escorting a princess and Timo, the leader of the group, complimented me on my guitar playing and rode with me to Grossmans. When we walked in, they were received like European Royalty. . . kisses and hugs and the next time I looked at Timo, he had a girl on each arm. He asked me to sit with them, but they were called to the stage almost immediately and I guess I got lost in the shuffle. But he was most apologetic afterwards – a real gentleman in caveman’s clothing. Maybe that what the ladies found so appealing. As I left the club, I could hear the crowd chanting “More Balls, More Balls”.