Thursday, August 29, 2013

Blainletter #62, August 2013

Well that last Blainletter was a bit unwieldy at 3000 words, and I heard about it from some Blainreaders so I won’t be doing that anymore. In a couple of days August will be over (and summer too, almost) so here’s the skinny. First the gigs:

Tuesday, Sept 3, 5–8pm Blain, Davis & Gould at Gate 403, 403 Roncesvales, Toronto

Fri Sep 6, 2:00-3:00 pm The BLUESgrass BOYS at Grandparents Day, Cedarcroft Retirement Residence, 260 Church St., Stratford

Sept 19-Oct 2 – Allan Fraser & Brian Blain tour: Winnipeg - Eriksdale - Polonia - Grandview - Gilbert Plains - Inglis - Regina - Lumsden - Montmartre - Brandon - Holland - Lockport

Brian Blain BAK Trio 1964

This is Allan and I (with my cousin Karo) 50 years ago  and this is Allan and I today:

Photo: Tickets bought for mid-western tour with Fraser and deBlain Sept 19 through Oct 2.

Oct 6, I’ll be playing not one but two memorial celebrations, one in the afternoon for that great Hamilton guitarist Alex MacDougall (Crowbar, King Biscuit Boy, Groove Corporation) and the other at Free Times in the evening celebrating the life of Daisy DeBolt (2nd anniversary of her passing)

...and stand by for a CD Launch in October or November

CD Update: Last month I did a call-out here for contributions to the CD fund for New Folk Blues 2.0, and thanks to three “renewing donors” we have made some significant upgradesbut we still have to master & manufacture and I need CDs in hand before I head out on tour on the 18th and any funds raised beyond that will be used for the promotion and marketing. Some would say that you should spend as much on that as making the record. Ooops, I’m starting to ramble again. You can stream the most recent mixes below and if you like what you hear and you want to contribute, do it now so I can put your name on the CD. And as before, any donation over $250 gets you a Brian Blain house concert.

Today I was googling myself – not being a narcissist, just looking for a link to a Blainettes video to send a prospective employer – and this is what I found (at the top of the search results, no less). A sweet young entertainment reporter collared me at the Afrofest media launch and started asking me stuff. I thought I had a pretty good soundbite in there about the evolution/devolution of music:

And for those Blainreaders who don’t have any idea of my other life as a desktop publisher, here’s a (not quite typical) day: Starts with a dead router and no internet or printing at the jazz festival office, submission deadline for the next Crescendo, preparing the presentation of a new website to our Corporate Client, and driving boxes of Mapleblues newsletters to the mail depot and dropping them off in clubs (and getting a parking ticket in the process). That was after a couple of very intense days putting it together. All with my able associate, Joel Blain (yes, we are related).

Like I said, I’m going to talk less and say more – if a picture is worth a thousand words how many words is a 15-sec video worth? I’ve been “vlogging” more than blogging lately. I’ve been posting 15-sec instagram clips on some memorable musical moments from some events I attended this month including Rita diGhent (with pianoman Bill Westcott), Jake Chisholm, The Harpoonist and the Axe Murderer, and the original (Not-So-Young) Rascals. Check it out at

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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Harpoonist and Axe Murderer at Rivoli

They have a buzz and they are living up to it!

Groovin with the Rascals on a Sunday Afternoon

Announcement not usually heard @mirvish theatre: "if you have a cel phone, leave it on, take pictures, dance in the aisles, do whatever the f*** you want"

a great introduction to a "rhythm method" for blues harmonica

They don't get any better than Jerry Portnoy

Surprise appearance at Monarchs UK pianist Ben Waters with Chris Whiteley

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Bill Westcott doing the 4-hand piano thang with Rita diGhent at her CD launch