Monday, March 14, 1994

Canadian Music Week

Canadian Music Week. It came and went and I wasn’t there. No great loss, these things do come around again – I was at a TBS board meeting with Richard Flohil (when I called him Dick on the phone he was quick to retort “I’m Richard – I haven’t been Dick for years” – I guess I dated myself). Anyway I mentioned that I thought I might be entitled to some media accreditation but he said “It’s a bit late for that!” In fact, it was the last day or so. Next year. Every time I see Neill Dixon, the pres of Canadian Music Week I can only remember him as a coffee-house owner, a sweet guy who seems to have become a little hardened (shellacked?) by the music industry. The Juno’s took place without me. I couldn’t even attend the special showcase for the blues nominees – it’s the first time blues has been a category, and I designed the print ad and poster that was part of the advertising campaign that announced “Canada’s Got The Blues”. Met Kathleen Miller at the Record offices and mentioned that I knew her boyfriend Cash. The first thing she says to me is “Yes, we live together. I went out with him when he was in Downchild and he dumped me. Now I make him suffer – You ask him! Just ask him!”

Southern Comfort New Talent Search: Unbeknownst to me, Steve Jones sent in the tape we made in my living room – it was pretty rough and I'm sure the judges were under whelmed.

At Southern Comfort, I didn’t get to the media party after the Etta James show (neither did Etta) but Peter Donato came up to me afterwards saying “Where were you – I had an invitation for you. . .”