Thursday, December 26, 2002

Last week we finally got into the studio to do some tracks for the next album. I did the basic tracks with Victor Bateman on bass (he played on my first album) and Michelle Josef on drums and percussion. Richard Bell came in to play keyboards on the second day and Paul Reddick also made a guest appearance - more to come.

Michelle and I went up to the Studio at Puck's Farm over six months ago and we recorded several of the new tunes but the tunes were not settled and the grooves I though too frantic. Now the tunes have matured a bit, even got road tested on a couple of tours, and they seem a bit more relaxed now.

...though I was hardly relaxed myself with a million other things going on - plus the week before Christmas, what was I thinking. Then I had the small but irritating rash on my right thumb so I had to use a flat pick on the first day instead of the usual "country blues fingerpicking" that I'm so famous for...(ha, ha) Stay tuned for more updates. Let' see, do I have any tips so far...

...well, always make sure there's some food around.


Then just when I could play with the thumb again I broke the thumb nail and it is now piching the skin everytime I apply a little pressure. We may have to do some guitar overdubs though the album is pretty live. We recorded at Paul Benedict's studio - with Paul (sometimes know as "Eggs") at the helm. He's got big ears and has been my biggest supporter.

I was feeling a certain presssure to get this project going and since I was moving a little too slow when left to my own devices, I brought in David Baxter to act as producer. I'd only met David once but I heard great things about him from different people and then I heard the new Bob Snider album he just did and that clinched it.

I thought we'd spend a little more time with the songs but I had said I wanted to deliver this album before the end of the year and he proceeded to put the schedule in place and here we are in the middle of it.

I've been less than totally prepared but then again, I never will be so it's time to "print one" and give fy friends and fans a taste of Brian's mellow side. I found the first album too aggresive. My goal now is to produce a recording of myself that I can listen to without cringing. Something more relaxing.

Like just about every singer, I can't stand the sound of my own voice on tape (or now, digital) That's alright, I'll get over it.

I felt "underprepared" although I was told I didn't need to supply charts for all the songs since we had already played them with most of these musicians at one time or another. They said charts were uncessary because this was blues session but they would have been good to have. I had the words to each song for everybody, but when Richard Bell arrived, we were a little embarrased but ultimately whispered the melody in his ear.

(still trying to remember wjhat else I learned from this)

For bio info and some sound clips of the first album visit my official web page at Northern Blues