Monday, May 2, 2005

Entering the final phase

Finally got to see the design for the CD and it's brilliant. Even though it doesn't make use of the promo pics I provided, it's got a very recent snap of me on the cover and an interesting concept. I'm ready to roll with it and Fred L. just called from New Orleans to give his OK so we're definitely in the final phase.

I've settled on a band format for festival gigs in June - it'll be me on the resophonic with mandolin (Andrew Collins) and violin (Chris McKhool). I'm going to miss having piano, bass & drums but this way we've got a very mobile configuration and I intend to make use of that and do some "strolling"

Three shows I wanted to see in a row last week - The Mississippi Hippies at Hugh's Room (didn't make that one), Blue Room then Carlos del Junco at the Dollar. Carlos band was tight as hell - coming off three and a half weeks on the road. Shawn Kellerman playing guitar and covering admirably for Kevin Breit on the far out stuff, but mostly laying down some solid blues - that's what the folks wanted and that's what they got.

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