Tuesday, May 10, 2005

May so far: Lots of progress. The CD has been re-sequenced and now ready for production. The design is going to move fast now that I've approved the cover. I have to get some advance copies out to any folks who are likely prospects for a good quote for the one-sheet. Listening to the CD again tonite, it came together in a new way. I hope this is a CD that will grow on people...maybe get played more than once or twice on the blues shows. We'll see.

After making up a nice poster for my "Motherless Day" gig and creating a .jpg (scroll down to view it) I never got the word out to my "Fanlist". What's worse, the email addresses of many new fans are not even transferred over to the computer, yet. I must send out a june update, since I have a remarkable seven gigs in June - remarkable for me, anyway. Not for long, though. There's bound to be some folks that will want to see me live and when they do, I'm confident I can plauy them some good blues and put a smile on their face, too.

Last night I went to a native-style pipe ceremony where Ifound myself in a gathering of intersting folks. Several were planning trips here and adventures there and I started to look forward to doing some touring because that will be like getting paid to go to new places. I always have a little trepidation at first, but I get into it. I am a terrible navigator though. If there's a possiblity of a wrong turn, I'll probably take it.

Anyway, B.T., our guru/shaman mentioned that in our meditation we should try to visualize the light pouring forth out of our skeletons. That was an easy one and it felt great - especially when we goy into very deep silence. He also invited any unknown ancestors to manifest themselves and sure enough, the moment he said that I felt the presence...well I felt transformed for a moment into an elderly Indian lady (squaw, I guess) with head tilted a bit and braids in my hair. Not saying much, but observing and gathering the wisdom to be dolled out at the appropriate time. That was an interesting moment. I want to go looking through Remmington paintings and 18th century photos of natives to see if I might recognize my great-great-great-grandma.