Thursday, June 23, 2005

Things are coming to a head. Today I picked up the proofs for the CD
artwork - it looks great. We had *many* late night phone discussions over
the last few says as we made our way onto the home stretch. I think I've
been very flexible about things, though others may disagree. Now I have to
put it under the microscope and while I proof that, I have to put out
another MapleBlues. I've got the layout mostly done...boy it's weird to be
at both ends of a similar predicament when one minute I am hearing excuses
from my designer and next minute I am making excuses to my publisher. And
none of this has anything to do with music.

On that front, I realized I better head over to the bluegrass jam at the
Silver Dollar to set up a rehearsal with the guys that are playing with me
on Sun (not so far away). They weren't there, as it turned out so the
search begins. I did speak to my sub mandolin player but I don't think
he'll remember the conversation. We sat in the outside "smoking lounge" and
there I listened to Dan and Jenny Whiteley singing some sweet, spontaneous

This was the first night of jazz festival "preview" events and I was too
late for the hip-hop thang at the Phoenix. At the Rex, there was the
Annual "Players Party" where all the musicians get together before the
festival. I was there for a while and heard some amazing players...Reg
Schwager on guitar, Tania Gill playing some "legit" jazz piano and nailing
it - I've only ever see her doing her "offbeat" thang. Victor Bateman was
leading the jam, and I stood there wondering what I would do on a stage
with musicians of that caliber? I suppose it will happen some day, and I
have no idea what I'd do. Play the blues, I guess.

Last night was the National Jazz Awards gala and that was a star-studded
evening. Lots of music...and lots of speeches too. Tomorrow I must see the
Tim Ries Rolling Stones Project - horn players from the Stones band doing
jazz arrangements of Stones a jazz club. Except my my Duke
Robillard is playing the Dollar (an 8 o'clock start). Oh yeah, I should
have a rehearsal too...even if it's only with myself.