Friday, August 19, 2005

A Launch Party

I started my last post saying what an "auspicious day", but last night I
felt I had a pretty "inauspicious" debut on one of the local
community/campus stations. They were to play two tracks from the upcoming
cd - the first one cut out after the first verse (which gave me a gasp
thinking maybe there was a problem with the pressings. The second track
just kept cutting in an out - it was painful. Ooooo welllll, here we go.

Now I'm trying to set up a CD launch tour for October. We will kick off
with a big show at the Silver Dollar - big band, extra musicians and
special guests. And I've got the city's most enthusiastic blues promoter in
my corner...Mory the Sockman presents...

Brian Blain's Hi-Tech Blues Revue
with Rod Phillips, Pat Carey, Michelle Josef and Victor Bateman
and Special Guest, John Dickie

Silver Dollar Room - Friday, Sept 30, 2005

now we have to find a few more gigs for this formidable band.

Last night I had an impromptu jam with some old friends from Lennoxville.
Chris Griffith and Des McKeowen played in High Street and when
guitarist/luthier Brian Monty came visiting they decided to have a musical
"soiree" and I was glad to be invited. I got the old Strat set up - had to
change one of the saddles that was stripped - and it was great to play that
old axe again. That's what I'll be using for the band gigs, I guess. There
were other musician friends sitting in - Larry, who played an acoustic
guitar set up much like mine and could get some really electric sounds out
of it and a young fellow called Adam who is studying guitar at Berkley.
Also Cliff Simon played - and he was really getting some great sounds out
ofhis SG with a single P90 pickup. We rocked the house in Georgetown (or
whatever that place was). A good warm-up for the band gigs I want to line