Saturday, October 22, 2005

Quebec Tour

On The Road Again! This is the first tour since the CD release and only the first of many, I hope. Startewd out at the OCFF (Ontario Council of Folk Festivals) Conference and Showcase in Kingston. I was very grateful to be invited by Magoo to be the "facilitator" for a campfire-style song circle. Man was I surprised when I got there (in the nick of time) - they had transformed a meeting room in a convention centre with a hi tech fireplace in the centre and subdued lighting all around. There really was a "getaway" vibe from the hustle and bustle of a music industry conference. The rest of the night was mostly jamming with musicians in the room. Lily Sazz had her piano, some guests were Suzie Vinnick and Ken Whiteley with his bass playing son, Jesse. I was so happy to have brought the bass along. I got to play a lot and so did many others. It's a beautiful old P-Bass that practically plays itself.

I pulled out the bass at the gig I did in Pointe Claire with some great Montreal-based blues guitarists, Rob Macdonald, Dale Boyle and Vincent Beaulne. Promoter Brian Slack called it a "guitar summit" and it was a great show. I played a night in Belleville, too. That was in a nice little hall promoted by the Loyal Blues Fellowship of Belleville.

Then I played a couple of towns in Quebec that I had never visited - and I was born and raised in Quebec! Joliette and St-Hyacinthe are both very french-speaking towns and I'm sure at least half of the audience was not following my english lyrics (then again, maybe 50% of *everybody* doesn't follow my lyrics)

The last gig was a taste of things to come...I hope. After the soundcheck (with a great PA and friendly, obliging sound man) its "will you have your dinner in the dressing room or would you like to eat in the club". And a cheese tray. A cheese tray! Mama, this is the big time!!!