Monday, March 9, 2009

Jerome at the Sky

Last Sunday I took a trip out to the hinterland of Mississauga where I have
rarely tread. I saw Gary Kendall's matinee at Hollywood on the Queensway
(though I missed their special guest, Steve Strongman) and I visited a new
venue, The Sky Restaurant out at Eglinton and Renforth. There on a big
stage with great production was Jerome Godboo and Friends including the
amazing Dave Murphy on keyboard and guitar (dare-I-say) "legend" Pat Rush.
He's certainly a local legend and he's made his mark around the guitar world
too. Pat was getting a great sound out of a cheap Fender Squire guitar and
when I asked him if he had modified it he said is was right out of the box.
$135 at Long & McQuade. It's amazing what they're able to turn out these
days. I tried Pat's guitar and although the neck did not feel as welcoming
as my beloved Strat, I think I could manage quite well with one. I never was
too fussy about guitars as long as they stay in tune.
AnywayŠJerome invited me to be a special guest at the Sky's big Mothers Day
show. Layla Zoe will also be guesting. Mark your calendars. I may yet
organize some kind of Motherless Day concert around thatŠI would like to
maintain the tradition, but if that doesn't come together I'll get to sing
"Don't Forget Your Mother" for the west end crowd (to read more about that
tune and how the drummer ended up killing his mother with an axe go to my
Mar 7, 2004 blog posting)