Saturday, October 31, 2009

You can't give it away

I just got another Google Alert pointing me to a blog where some
over-zealous blues fan has ripped all his his favourite blues albums (and I
have to compliment him on his graphic treatment of the album covers - tasty
3D effect) and offers them as free downloads. Part of me is flattered to be
included in such illustrious company but my the business side of my brain
(all 10%) feels rather ripped off. I tried to download my own own album but
got a message that all the "free" channels were occupied and advising me to
purchase a "premium" account. This is the future of music distribution IMHO.
People will pay a set fee to access all the music they want, but hopefully a
little bit of that will trickle down to the creators...

Another similar site I discovered giving away my music had a rather unique
approach: First they would offer it for free. Then, if there was any demand
(downloads), a small price would be added (.11 on this site). Then if
anybody bought it at .11, the price would be boosted to .20 and would
eventually work its way up to .99. Also a worthy approach, if any of that
$$$ made its way to the creators.

I got a little self-conscious when I read a post from a noted music
journalist/musician in this town who referred to "self-centered musical
blogs". First, to get some self-centered stuff out of the way, I was happy
to be the "house musician" on Whistle Radio last Friday. I went with the
intention to play a lot of new songs, but I ended up pulling out songs that
tied in with the topic being discussed. I got a request for "The Story of
the Magic Pick" and took a moment on a break and tried to remember the words
but they are long gone. Last time I wanted to do this tune, I had to dig up
the old 45 which had the lyrics printed on the back. I guess I better check
it out again.