Wednesday, February 10, 2010

What Happened to January?

I woke up on New Year's Day feeling sick as a dog (no, it wasn't because I overindulged on New year's Eve - I had a very quiet night at home). I was supposed to play at the wedding of friends Paul and Debbie but had to bail and for the next two weeks I was nursing a nasty cold that wouldn't quit. Then, just when I got back on my feet I was felled by a gall-bladder attack and missed out on the Maple Blues Awards and the Songwriters Hall of Fame event the next morning. Anyway, I'm feeling better case you were getting worried about me. My visit to the emergency ward turned a little viral at the MBAs with folks hearing that “Brian is in the hospital” and I’m still deflecting concerns for my health...I’m OK, you’re OK.

I mustered up enough strength to cast my “runes” on New Year’s Day – I try to check in with “the oracle” on auspicious days. Well, as ever, the message from the runes was “Stand Still”,  “Plant the seed and wait for the harvest”, “now is not the time for drastic action” and “wait and watch for signs of Spring”...argh, when are we gonna get the bloody harvest?

Had some great gigs at the end of the year, but what does it say about your music career when the most memorable gigs are Christmas parties in someone’s living room or sitting around the kitchen table with old musical friends? I made an appearance at the Toronto Fingerstyle soiree – I got up to do a couple of tunes and one of them was “Another Song About Alice” but when I was introducing it and referred to “Alice’s Restaurant”, there was an audible gasp in the room as they contemplated the horrible prospect that I was about to launch into that 20-minute ramble of Arlo’s. (for those who haven’t heard it, I’ve written a “where is she now” song about Alice Brock. There’s a video clip on the website.)