Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Winterfolk moments

Day One: I take the stage in the back room of the Willow and after the first song I realize my shoes are stuck to the floor. Then I'm stepping up and down and the audience is breaking up with laughter because I'm making these crazy sticky sounds. I couldn't continue with that and I didn't want to inflict it on the next group so I got the waitress to take a moment to pass the mop. Mose Scarlett says I really "mopped up" at Winterfolk.

Day Two: This was a breakthrough. I got up at Marg's set and sang "What A Wonderful World" I don't think I've ever got on stage and sung without a guitar in my hands!

Day Three: The Campfire was a blast and now I just played a set with Mose Scarlett. I was playing bass and I believe I experienced sheer bliss (interspersed with moments of sheer terror - like when the key changed!).  And even though there were a few boo-boos, I love playing bass with him. I'll be joining him again at The Black Swan tomorrow at 5pm. I'm doing a solo set at 3pm.

Day Four: Lots more music and camaraderie, backed up Mose again and did a good solo set with a great audience - including some friends who had never heard me play. I love it when I can provide a pleasant surprise.