Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Will you shudup about facebook

Regular readers of my blog have probably heard enough about my trepidation about confirming any new “friend” unless I’ve met them. Or is it “know” them? And whether I “like” them...but that’s whole other story. There have been a couple of occasions when I didn’t confirm a friend request even though I’ve met the person...but they had to be pretty crazy to have me avoiding them because I’m actually drawn to the eccentric types.  Anyway, I just had a breakthough and confirmed a friendship with someone who I have admired and met once but who has ignored me every other time I’ve run into him. I was feeling a little dissed, but he’s probably forgotten me and that’s fine. He must know me because he requested to be my friend. I was curious to see how many friends he had and the only way was to “confirm” him. Oh boy! I know, I know, I should just friend anybody who asks – it’s all part of marketing my brand and getting “profile”...but I’m holding off as long as I can, and I may yet be proven right. Meanwhile, I’m going to give a little and confirm the requests if I know who they are...even if I haven’t met them. It all started with Daniela Nardi. She is a highly respected artist, I know her husband, but I never had the pleasure of meeting her so when I got a friend request I just put it on hold. Then I was really challenged when I got a request from Romi Mayes. I have been knocked out by her music on the radio, but I haven’t actually met her. So I’m a big fan. But am I a friend? Oh, to hell with it! From now on, if I know who you are, we can be friends...and I hope we meet sometime.