Thursday, August 4, 2011

Brian's Backyard Blaincast

Ain't technology a wonderful thang! Last month we did a little test of uStream from my backyard with Mojo Willie. It went pretty smooth except for the end where I thought I had turned off the microphone but I hadn't. Still working on a better audio sound - there's extra noise from the laptop's built-in mic.

You can view an archived version of the last Backyard Campfire with my guest Clayton Doley. Clay does a couple of his own tunes and I spend the first half of the program trying to find where I had misplaced my resonator guitar. It's a pretty casual attempt but I'm encouraged to continue doing regular "blaincasts" from my backyard and other locations.

Since I find myself in Cape Cod right now, I'm going to try to do a report from here. I don't have any musical guests lined up yet, but my friend Alice Brock has agreed to do a little interview. I wish I'd been here a day earlier because Ramblin' Jack Elliot had just dropped by - it's his 80th birthday. That would have been a very long interview...

Once I get an iPhone, I think I'll be able to use it to blast out a "blaincast" from wherever I happen to be!