Monday, May 19, 2014

Ramene Moi Home Again

As usual, I was not very aggressive about getting gigs for the Quebec Tour.  My "anchor date" was a new venue in Knowlton, my old stompin grounds, called the Star Cafe.  It's a new series called the "Acoustic Cafe" and organizer Bill Duke and his team were intent on doing it right so stage, sound and lights were all first class and the place was sold out weeks before.  In fact, I found out after that some friends had called to make reservations and were told there was no room. So they didn't come...bummer.  Here's a little compilation (this one's for you, Jocey...)

The other gig was in Ormstown, a long established place called the Namasthé Café.  They were packed as well, and both gigs on Stanley Cup playoff nights...with Montreal playing!  This was the first place I called after I got the Knowlton gig and I was told that night was already booked but they would ask that artist if he was willing to move his date.  And wonder of wonders, he was willing (his name is Pat Loiselle and I checked him out online and he is a serious blues player). This is the kind of gesture that a promoter remembers and assures you of many return engagements, as opposed to the artist who won't budge and is never invited back again.

Both of these venues were quite community-based.  They had their regulars and many of them were performers themselves so there were 3 or 4 acts playing before (and after in Ormstown).  That's how you pack a club - you get several of the local favourites on the bill and everybody brings their friends.  I shot some video on the iPad - check it out below.

For any Townshippers reading this, isn't it a beautiful thing taking that new Highway 30 that bypasses Montreal.  That's been a long time coming...