Saturday, April 16, 2016

Streaming comes of age

Just watching the East Coast Music Awards - on my computer. They don't have enough of an audience to rationalize prime time on TV but streaming to the internet they can have as much time as they want - even streaming different events simultaneously on different channels. The production values are top notch with 3 or 4 cameras and some fancy switching (a little too much switching at times). The local production company has done a great job and the stream on YouTube is rock solid. There was one time when it choked up and the sound was not perfectly in sync with the video on the live feed but it looked fine when you looked at the video after (yes, it;s instatntly archived on YouTube) Amazing. I also watched a lot of SXSW from Texas and also the JUNOs, who used YouTube for some stuff and Livestream for others. Everything worked out pretty good.

Back to ECMAs, I was introduced to some great Atlantic electronica artists like Pineo & Loeb and The Scientists of Sound. But I have to say on the roots side I was mostly underwhelmed with the succession of earnest young singer songwriters - even the local heroes like Jenn Grant and Amelia Curran. Maybe we have great expectations from East Coast musicians - there's been so many that broke through in recent years. But when I did hear something that perked up my ears, I quickly realized he was an Australian (?) And when I dug up his name, I thought it was familiar then remembered I last saw it on a USB stick - he had been handing out his EPK on a USB stick at some event I attended last year. I'm still using it, though I erased the EPK right after I looked at it...but at least I looked at it!

ECMA Late Night Electronic Showcase: