Monday, July 27, 2020

Blaincast #19 a couple of new acoustic tunes and a bit of bluesy electro...

Here's a replay of yesterday's Blaincast - the electronica segment screwed up but I did another round last night and tacked it on here if you want a taste of my "guilty pleasure." As part of the "electronica' theme. the Campfire Cameo goes back to 2016, when I had moved the Campfire Jam to the venerable Old Mill in Toronto. They wanted to bring a little blues into the Home Smith Bar, which was strictly legit jazz until then. I called upon some blues friends and we were packing the place and the jazz regulars were loving it. I decided to push the envelope and got Joel to bring his electronica rig and I had my MIDI guitar and we pulled out all this stuff for the last set. It took our regular guests, Alison Young, George Koller and Michelle Josef a bit by surprise and nobody knew what to expect (including me). I've been scratching the surface artificial intelligence technology and machine learning to create a "hyper-looper" and my computer just doesn't have the power to do these things. I have dumbed it down so that it doesn't crap out if I tell it what key I'm in and only use one MIDI channel at a time (I started out with a different channel for each of 6 strings).