Tuesday, November 16, 2004

2am - just in from an evening with Blue Rodeo - a veritable
institution on the Canadian scene for years. Coming up in Quebec, This
was a party to launch their DVD. I think I missed the true impact of
this band, but there was a room full of youngish people digging their
hits. I recognized the songs of course. As I looked around, I made a
game out of trying to find one person (besides myself) who didn't have
a youthful bushy head of hair. The only guy that had a bald spot - not
as prominent as mine - was Jack de Keyzer.

I saw Jack at the back of the club (Lee's Palace) and reminded him
that he had wriiten some kind words about my playing ("You sounded
wonderful") and made sure it was OK to put that up on my website. Then
he said some other nice stuff but I can't remember.

So now I'm gathering quotes from guitar players, media and fans for
some promo piece that I must finish......TONIGHT!

Also seen this week, Don Giovanni performed by Opera Atelier and
Tafelmusik - beautifully done.

Sun I played at a benefit concert for Project Ploughshare with Lily
and Michelle. Raced back to town to join some friends for a small
birthday dinner and then caught the very end of Phynix's multimedia
performance - amazing and beautiful visuals. Great photography. The
vocals with Maggie were soaring. A huge screen and state-of-the-art

Saturday night I could have gone to see Michael Kaeshammer or Paul
Reddick - I would have really enjoyed either, but I just couldn't get
myself up and out the door. I wonder if they brought in a real piano
to Hugh's Room? (If any of the distinguished readers of this blog
know the answer, please let me know.)

Every night there's some amazing music somewhere in this town - and I
get to hear about most of it.

My new road car, a big Buick LeSabre, did 575 km on 61 litres of gas
(which cost $45.00 at 73.7/ltr) This is the first time I kept track
of the mileage. I'll have to start factoring this into my touring

Wed Night - Downchild's 35th anniversary party & CD release

Next Saturday, I play with Downchild bassist Gary Kendall and former
Downchild drummer Jim Casson at the Double Olive Matinee in St
Catharines (call Deborah Cartmer about doing a radio interview)

Mid week I should know about a mixing schedule for the album. I've
told Fred that the worst case is having it mixed by Mid Jan - now it
looks like we might be able to tackle it earlier. Part of me want to
mix it myself. Another part of me wants to leave entirely in Rob
Heaney's hands. Then there's Paul Benedict's original mix which may
well be as good as this can sound (he thinks so). I thought Rob
brought something to the music beyond his ears. His mind is always
trying to figure out different ways to make a "nice noise" (as my
friend Frazier Mohawk calls it).