Friday, December 3, 2004

Women's Blues Revue: Here I am backstage at Massey Hall - the most

revered music hall in the country, really. Suzie Vinnick, bass player

and vocalist in the Women's Blues Revue Band asks me to take her camera

while she's playing - and take some pictures of her and the band,

presumeably. The minute I get to my seat an usher tells me I can't take

pictures. I say "very sorry, one of the performers gave me her camera

and asked me to take some pics" then I added "but i wasn't going to

take any in the hall, just backstage". Now he's on the walkie talkie

and being told to walk me over to the stage entrance - right down the main aisle of Massey Hall!. A big "Photo Pass" was stuck

on my vest and I was led back to my seat but after the show had

started I made my way down the side to go shoot some pictures. I

figured, now that I've got this big Photo Pass stuck on my chest, I might

as well take some pictures. Lotsa pictures. But after I'd shot 2 or 3,

there was a tap on my shoulder with an usher insisting I follow him

back. When we got off to the side, I turned and showed him my photo pass, then he gets all

apologetic...sorry he didn't see the pass. Now I stay back for a while

but I move in again when I see a good chance to get a shot of Suzie. I move down and this

time a young woman usher(ette) stops me. I point to my pass and she

says I still can't go as close as I want. That was my day as official

photographer for an hour but I never figured out the camera and I bet

not a single picture came out. Sorry Suzie.