Thursday, October 27, 2005

reality TV episode

I should have brought my camera...tonight I was the "feature" at a popular open stage in the East End at the Renaissance Café. When I saw the gig posted on the folk listserv they said there was going to be a TV crew there filming a "makeover" program for the Women's Television network. They were all over the club when I got guys, camera guys, sound guys...hmmm...all guys. Anyway the open stage was proceeding with the regulars (a very high calber of talent) then it was time for thew "feature". I don't know why I'm putting quotes around feature...maybe I've never been a feature before...actually there was that time at the Liquid Lounge in Brantford. I shared the feature spot with Rod Phillips and we rocked. That was the day I got to play with Hubert Sumlin and he uttered that now oft-repeated quote "You got somethin...something goood."

I slipped down to the washroom before I got called to the stage and tghere in the corner of the basement was someone running over "Me & Bobbie McGhee". Apparently this woman had bee a Janis Joplin Tribute Artist a few years back and the reality show was giving her a makeover and a "comeback." She came on after me...well, host Brian Gladstone played a nice instrumental just before he introduced her

I should have stuck around to see how thing ended up, but I left as "Janis" was launchinmg into the second take of a long, slow original. If any of my blogfans has a TV and hears when this plays on TV...please let me know.

(Mike Fitzpatrick would be happy to hear I sang my TV blues for that room full of TV people (though I got the verses a little mixed up) and I finished off with Hi_tech Blues which I totally changed (and this time not for the better). Oh well, maybe I'll perform it better in costume at the Trick or Treat Ball on Saturday