Wednesday, November 23, 2005

A New Promo Shot

In case anyone thought I wasn't doing enough to promote my new release, at least I got a new picture (I'm always advising artists to get new promo shots done regularly - tip of the day), Rick Zolkower (better known as "Mr. Rick") took the pics.

It may take more than a new promo shot to get some gigs happening. I think I can't keep sitting around waiting to be invited to play - even though that happens often enough to keep me believin that there's people out there that want to hear what I'm putting down. I'm getting airplay, good reviews for the CD...all that's missing are the gigs.

Well as soon as this newsletter is done, I'm putting together a new promo package and getting it out there. festivals have probably already mostly decided who they're having but "you don't get if you don't ask". One thing is you never really have the humiliation of being told "no" because they don't even get back to you unless they're making you an offer.

So in the absence of any gigs, I've getting out to hear a lot of music. Last Saturday alone I saw three amazing events - a film premiere of a documentary film on the life of Jackie Washington in an impeccably restored 1920's movie house in Hamilton, a quick drop in at Hugh's Room to hear a bit of the Long John Baldry Tribute - The Mississsippi Hippies were playing when I poked in. That's the loudest I've ever heard any band at Hugh's - which is a very bright room. I couldn't stick around but I guess they went over great, with an encore and all. Finally, I made it to the Horsehoe just as Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings were taking the stage. What a show. Amazing horns - she's something special. She puts on a show for the people - hardly a space between each tune - beautifully paced. I hope some of that sunk in. Sure makes me want to do some band shows again.