Friday, January 30, 2009

My memories of Eggerton's

I've just been reading a few list serve comments sharing memories about a
club called Eggerton's. I lived in Toronto for a short stretch in 1973-74
but before I moved here, I came up from Montreal on a promotional tour for a
single I had just released on GoodNoise/Polydor. I met a promo gal called
Lori and we went around to a few radio stations but on one of those nights
in Toronto I was going to play a few tunes at the new "showcase room,
"Eggerton's. I had previously played at the legendary Riverboat, opening for
my friends Fraser & DeBolt. And I'm not sure if I was playing with F&DeB,
but I was travelling with them when they played a week-long stint at a club
called "Grumbles" (owned by Neil & Joy Dixon). Now here I was at Eggerton's
for the first time and I think it had been arranged for me to do a guest
spot but all of a sudden a large party arrived with the hottest new
sensation on the Toronto folk scene, Dan ....I actually have forgotten his
last name...but the song we all remember... "Sometimes When We Touch".
Anyway, he comes in - I think publicist Richard Flohil may have been in that
party - and he becomes the VERY special guest and as I recall I never got to
play at all that night...If I did, even I forgot it. And I didn't even het
to meet Danny boy!

It's not like I was chopped liver. I had just opened shows for Lou Reed and
Seals & Crofts in Montreal, toured with April Wine, recorded with a bunch of
Frank Zappa's Mothers, but alas, I could not get their attention in Toronto.
Still can't! (ooops, I'm getting self-deprecating again and I've been
warned about this tendency)