Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Things are not so bad

This is the year of the earth Ox (also called year of the Bull or Buffalo).
It looks like we may have an honest, candid and open natured year ahead.
The earth Ox is dependable, calm and modest, unshakably patient, full of
hard work and tireless. Darlene sent that

Today was probably the last day for me to decide if I was going to the Folk
Alliance conference in Memphis next month. It would wipe out my little
nest-egg of US dollars and add more debt to the credit card and I can't say
that I would expect any gigs out of it. I had a hope of hooking up with the
ultimate musical collaborator, someone who was a virtuoso mandolin or banjo
player with a high tenor voice that would blend beautifully with mine and we
would put together the ultimate BLUESgrass band. In my dreams!

I caught myself starting to feel sorry for myself and then realized things
are not so bad for me - better than my friend who's having lung surgery
today or another colleague who passed away on Christmas day. He was a
booking agent and there was a big wake/celebration of his life. Saw some old
friends and I think there were some other friends whom I haven't seen in so
long that I didn't recognize them. One was the first agent I had, well maybe
not the first agent that booked me but the first one who actually had some 8
x 10 glossy promo photos of me made with his name underneath. Now that's

After a month or more of waffling, I was invited to repeat "Colorblind
Brian's Blues Campfire" at the Blues Summit next week. I will also be
moderating a panel on digital downloads. Just had a long conversation with a
buddy who has been in the music business since the 60s and has made and lost
a few fortunes since. Once I digest his ideas and collect my thoughts I'll
post them here.