Monday, September 29, 2014

One of those days

So I haven't been playing much lately and today I decide I'm going to go do a set at this popular Open Mic called Lazy Cat Cafe.  It's at the Bain Co-op in a beautiful all purpose community space (I'm hoping our co-op can one day have a large, comfortable space like this, but I digress)

I decided to take the old Epiphone (I bought it new in 1964) and put it in a soft bag.  That's my first two mistakes.  Then I left the guitar leaning agains a wall fell over.  I had been warned that one good knock would pop that headstock again - each time you glue it, it's less secure.  This was the third time it was glued.  Now I will have to have some kind of post put in there...this is gonna be way more than a cheap (sometimes free) glue job.

I'm inclined to have a crowdfunding campaign to repair my baby. It could go viral -  I never got so many Facebook comments as the last time it broke.

This is what it looked like when I opened the case

Needless to say, I was not in much of a mood to play after that and then I sat down next to Allan McKinley who informed me that the list was full - so I wouldn't have got to play anyway!

I don't have the heart to stick around so I head home with my broken guitar but decide to stop for some take-out.  I go along Danforth, park without paying, and run in to get a souvlaki.  Then, horror of horrors, I look out the window of Mr. Greek only to see a parking officer standing next to my car. But here was a little bit of good fortune on a bad day...  He didn't ticket me. He must have misread the old parking stub that was in my windshield.  Could we call this my lucky day...I don't think so.

Oh, and did I mention that one of my clients had a break in this week and four laptops were stolen and I will be spending the next week trying to restore data from inadequate back-ups.  Argh.

And lastly I'm bummed, because on the way home I turned on Jazz FMI and they were playing a fabulous documentary on John Hammond (the dad) .  I listen for a bit in the car, but when I get in the house I forget to turn on the rest.  Now I've gone and set my Audio Hijack to record it every Sunday - but I'll never be able to get those first three episodes.  Unless I know somebody out there who has this doc archived......