Saturday, October 11, 2014

No More Moving Parts

I used to joke about the day that I would have a computer with no moving parts and this week I made it happen.  The 500 gig hard drive in my Macbook Pro was pretty sluggish, probably because I never clean up and never thrown anything away.  I just wait 'til it grinds to a halt then I get a new drive. My son the DJ was encouraging me to do what he did, replace the CD/DVD drive with a second drive bay and add an SSD drive for the operating system and the applications.  Instead I went for the whole enchilada and replaced the original drive with a 500 gig SSD (Samsung) for $250.  When I think back...waaay back to mid 80s when I bought my first hard drive. My Mac SE had no built-in hard drive so I got an external 40 meg hard drive and I recall it was darn near a thousand bucks (the Mac SE, with Southworth MIDI interface & software but no hard drive was $5000.)  I got to know Bill Southworth (he was a genuine MIDI pioneer except his product was the "Beta" to ProTools' "VHS") I remember one day an excited Bill holding a new hard drive in the box bragging "I just got a 140 Meg hard drive for $1400! Can you believe only $10 a meg?" Let me do the math...oh, never mind!

Now this computer moves so fast that sometimes I don't even notice that I've already arrived at the page/site/doc that I clicked on....Lovin' it!