Friday, June 12, 1992


Now here I am playing Chicago’s with Blue Willow – and a guarantee. I parked illegally on the street and went in to ask if there was a parking area behind the club and the waiter said just to park in the lot next to the building. “The hot dog vendor will try to get you to pay him, but just ignore him” he said. Well I pulled right in past his cart and parked the car and, sure enough, he was walking towards me saying “Four Dollars”. I said I was playing at Chicago’s and he launched into a tirade about how he was paying rent for the whole area but I just walked by him with my camera because there was a concert going on down the street and I wanted to get some pictures. Now he was really puzzled. . . “You’re not in the band!!!” he’s screaming at me but I just nodded and kept on walking. I came back a few minutes later and blamed him for delaying me so long that I missed my photo opportunity. Then I unloaded my equipment and he didn’t say another word. I’m learning how to turn the tables on these Toronto hot-dog vendors. Mike Fitzpatrick was playing drums with us and since he was doing a gig with L.A. guitarist “Guitar Shorty”, Shorty came by the club with Doran Katz to meet him. Shorty is known as the guitarist who can do flips while he plays a solo, and when I saw his performance, I was sitting too far back to see the actual summersault – I’m told he didn’t quite make it.