Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Where is Brian Blain?

I hope that my absence at the two big folk music conferences, OCFF in Ottawa
and Folk Alliance in Memphis did not lead anyone to believe I'm out of the
game. Let's just say I'm taking the year off to make a record.

I applied to two festivals and was invited to two festivals (but not the
same two). I don't know that I've got it in me to start writing/calling.
When I have a little music time, I want to spend it playing guitar not
hustling gigs ...or posting blogs...I'm off to play some guitar

Monday, February 9, 2009

The Grammys

*****I think I've got a new conspiracy theory: I was just watching this
commercial for a cell phone service and the slogan was something like "we
just got friendlier". Well it depends what you mean by "friendlier" - it
occurs to me that with all these touch screen phones it means now they can
prove whether or not someone made a phone call because they'll have his
fingerprint recorded.

I saw the commercial while I was watching the Grammy Awards - until I was
bumped out of my son's room (he has the only TV in the house). I guess I
could pull rank and catch a bit more of the show but I've got some
practicing to do...with said son, known in his world as DJ Coi. We're
playing together on Tuesday...

Ok, I've pulled rank and just saw Allison Krauss and Robert Plant get two
big awards...and a performance slot. A good night for Rounder records...yea
Ken & Donna! Now I'm only a couple of degrees of separation from the Grammy
Awards because I slept in the same bed as Allison...not at the same time, of
course, but it was only a week later or the guest apartment at the
Rounder mansion in Newburyport.

Beautiful to see Sir Paul McCartney sutiing right in the front rown and
singing along with Smokey Robinson and the last remaining "Top" of the Four
Tops. McCartney played I Saw Her Standing There. A blast from the past!