Thursday, April 30, 2009

the new paradigm for performing

I was hesitant to put the club's name, but if you ever thought a club had
things stacked a bit too much in their favour, check this out:

The following explains how a CABARET @ STATLERS operates successfully for
both artist and venue (the establishment).

You promote to your family, friends, fan club, loyal followersŠ.through
your Website, MySpace, Facebook, etcŠ.

The following information must be included in all promotional material: The
date, name of artist, name or theme of cabaret (if there is one), name of
establishment (Statlers Cabaret) address of venue, time the doors open for
dinner/cocktails, 6:30 PM, show time, 8 PM, etc.

In your promotional material, you advise all guests that attendance is by
³reservation only². In order to make CABARET DINNER RESERVATIONS, go to
Statlers website and link to the ³DINNER CABARET RESERVATIONS² button to
make their reservation for your cabaret show. Guests MUST make
reservations, no walk-ins accepted.

There must be at least 20 guests within five days (5) prior to show time or
show is automatically cancelled.

You can charge either $12.00 or $15.00 per person cover - (artist receives
80% of cover, house receives 20% for administrative expense of handling the
reservations and door). There are no complimentary reservations accepted.
If an artist wishes to provide a complimentary entrance to someone, they
must pay the door cover and then from their revenue, rebate themselves or
the party they complimented. There are no complimentary seats allotted for
artist¹s family members, camera people, lighting people etc. They too must
make reservations and pay the entrance fee, etc. (the number count of
guests must be accurate and reconcile to the door fees received ­ space is
limited and both the artist and house are required to extract as great a
revenue as possible so the entire event is worthwhile).

There is a Food & Drink Minimum of $10.00 per person. This must be
advertised on all your promotional material without fail.

You are to either create a poster or we can create one for you for a fee of
$25.00 if you provide a picture or graphic detail, etc. All the information
above will be contained in the poster and this too should be copied to all
your advertising material and mediums of promoting your cabaret. The house
will print three posters, two for the house front window and a hard copy for
the artist. The artist will also have been provided with an electronic
version of their poster so they can print additional copies at their

NOTE: We are averaging guest lists via the VIP Reservation ³Only² system of
about 40 people per show. If the show has less than 45 guests, it is held
upstairs and if more than 45, it is moved downstairs. We have a Baby Grand,
Yamaha G20 downstairs, and a Steinway Antique upstairs, full sound system
and stage management administration to assist and support in making the
cabaret event, one of the most memorable in an artists career.

Please let me know your thoughts and compliance on the above guidelines for
Cabaret at Statlers?

We are currently booking the next three months at this time. Many seasoned
artists have reserved their gig dates.