Friday, March 6, 1998

Canadian Music Week

After a couple of days of conferences, panel discussions and showcase, I've had a chance to sit and listen to Sir George Martin in conversation (the celebrity interview) and he talked as he must have many times about starting out with a wire recorder, or whartever. My first studio experience was in the Montreal Studios of RCA Victor. It was 1963 and there were three tracks. Two of them contained pre-recorded band-tracks from europe and I was there with my trio to put on a vocal. (three part harmony).
Following Sir George's appearance, I found myself in the big room at Manta Sound. I hadn't beenm in that room since 1970 when I produced Fraser & DeBolt With Pleasure - we were the first paying customers in that place. Jack Ricghardson had tested out the room with a band called Hope. Now I'm at Manta Sound for the taping of a Blue Rodeo radio special for the Sound Source network - which I presume is owned by Gary Slaight. It was the second time in a week that I crashed one of his parties. The week before, Lily Sazz invited me to a Ray Materick showcase at the Phoenix and it turned out to be a priovate showcase of several Gary Slaight favourites that he wanted to present to his friends.