Sunday, May 17, 1998

Well, tonite I went to see the movie "The Big Hit" with Joel. Seventeen bucks for two tickets, then another seven for a couple a specialty coffes that Joel enjoys (when I started to walk into the Starbucks - he stopped me and gave me a whole speech about how Starbucks are taking over the worls and that we should support the smaller (and more Canadian) player, Second Cup. He said "Even if there's a Starbucks right in front of me, I'll walk a couple of blocks to the Second Cup. It sort of speaks to the proliferation of these places in Toronto. Oh yeah, then I found a $20 ticket on the car. Expensive outing, but father & son and all that...

This is the movie that Jonathan Savan was "location managing" or whatever he was doing - but he rented some of my music equipment (a Revox, a keyboard, cassette machine, road case and my little Yamaha FB01 synthesizer. I rented 8 pieces and when he brought back my stuff, there were eight pieces but two of them weren't mine. Anyway there I was watching my stuff on the big screen and trying to figure out if I should send one last message to the president of Sony or something. "Your movie sucks. In the unlikely eventuality that it makes any money, might I request that that the FB01 synthesizer you rented from me and never returned be replaced or compensated...."

I'm listening to "Celebration Starsong," the new age radio show. - they're talking numerology - if you have a K in your name it means you have a spiritual mission in this life (among other things). Think I better get back to the website now. Joel has done what he was going to do all along - he's dropped out of the science and society course, though he says he will still write the ISU (for practice). So the only two courses left for this semester are art and drama. what a joke. The teacher did not tell me that it was a forgone conclusion that he would fail...he could have tried to pull this one out, but he didn't budge. Now I told him, that I didn't care if he just sat in the library but that I wanted him at school by 9:00 am and of course that has not worked either. As you have said, we should be glad that he is at least alive and in school. But I hope we can convince him to get back into a real school next year...

I just spoke to Beverly Glenn Copeland today (hadn't spoken to hear since Christmas) - She said lots had been going on in her life since then. she says "One morning my wife woke up and decided she was heterosexual"....hmmmm.

Now Joel is off to another rave tonight after having done a big cleanup in the house (not including his room, of course) He stands there next to me looking into this disaster area and says with a straight face "that's clean."