Tuesday, November 11, 2008


My gig at Free Times was not very well attended but in my heart I know that
even if I had postered College Street and sent out all kinds of internet gig
announcements I wouldn't have done much better. I decided to cast fate to
the wind and have Joel join me with his arsenal of electronics. I just sit
there and play guitar and he grabs a MIDI signal from my guitar and
processes and loops the sound - sometimes on separate strings. I have a MIDI
pedalboard that I can use to set the tempo and trigger loops.

It didn't all work out in this gig but I think we have a "proof of concept"
Watch for more gigs from "blainblain"

It's 1am and Joel is cooking fajitas. I am making a blog entry instead of
working on the newsletter that is now a rush job. Wanted to skip out tonight
and hear Jesse Barksdale Trio. Next time! Tomorrow night, for sure I'm going
to see Mansa Sisoko at Hughs.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Take Me Home

I should be rehearsing right now but in a classic move, I spot something in
the CD shelf - a DVD still in the shrink wrap and I see that it's some kind
of compilation of Quebec bands. I just put it on and the first band was punk
- Lel Vulgaires Machins and it was recorded in the Granada Theatre in
Sherbrooke - my home town and the theatre where I had my first date, taking
Gloria Davey to see "Around The World in 80 days" (I think...if you're out
there Gloria you could conifrm that...)