Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Jim Kweskin at Folk Alliance 2013

Here's a folk icon in action. Jim Kweskin singing "Blues in a Bottle"

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Jammin' at Winterfolk

This is my favourite part of the Campfire, when I just start making up verses and try to get my Campfire pals to join in. Freestyle, as the young 'uns call it. As you see in this clip, I'm fumbling to rhyme a verse but Kim Doolittle jumps right in and creates a couple of verses from the woman's point of view. That's Michael Jerome Browne in the middle - what a fabulous musician!

This was shot last week-end at the Winterfolk Festival (thanks to Brian Gladstone for inviting me to bring my Campfire to his cozy little February function). The festival closed off with a beautiful tribute to Brent Titcomb with performances by many of his musical buddies including "moi."

Other highlights at Winterfolk this year were hearing Rick Taylor and a gathering of the Whiteley clan (there are clips from both of these on my streaming channel - click above on "Watch The Blaincast" and stay tuned because I will be streaming more from the Folk Alliance Conference.

Tip of the Day

There was a discussion on Maplepost about how to decide on the sequence the songs on a CD. Most would say put your best foot forward and put the best song first, but DJ Paul Corby had this suggestion:

Song one : Sonic Velcro
Song two : The Hit
Song Three : The Song Yr Mom Likes Best
Song Four : My Real Deal
Song Five : Let The Quirk Work
Song Six : I Can't Believe Wrote That One In Fifteen Minutes
Song Six : Buried Treasure
Song Seven : I Didn't Know I Could Dance
Song Eight : Still Rivers Run Deep
Song Eight : Didgereedoo / Ukulele / Accordion Attack
Song Nine : Old Time Religion / Good Enough For Me
Song Ten : The Burning-ness
Song Eleven : Walking Through The Underground Garage, Up The Elevator, On
The Street OMG I Can Still Hear That Song!!!!

(I always thought you've got to grab them in the first 30 seconds :-)