Monday, June 16, 2008

They should call it Bluesville

One week after the Orangeville Blues & Jazz Festival and I'm back in this
great little town playing an organic cafe/bistro called Seasons. A couple of
the tables were people who saw me playing on the street the week before and
one couple had come back because they saw me at the festival film fundraiser
when I did a few tunes before the movie "Honeydripper." The great thing
about a small town like Orangeville is that a venue can put a poster in the
window the week before your gig and within a few days, the whole town knows
about the gig. After setting up, I took a little walk about and walked by at
least three establishments where blues music was wafting out the front. Then
when I packed up and brought the car around, I walked past 3 bars that had
live music going on - all pretty bluesy...and two of them were playing the
same song at the same time - That's Allright Mama! Larry & Bruce (Trouble &
Strife) were playing at another venu down the road and they dropped in while
they were on a break and sat in for a tune. A great listening crowd and a
re-booking on the spot. Who could ask for more.