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BPS has an immediate need to improve our event calendar at the Toronto Blues Society

The current Google plug-in <> pulls the data from:

In addition, the data must be exported and formatted for our weekly email blast, Where It's At - sorted by date including the repeating events

…and for the MapleBlues newsletter - sorted by venue, starting with Toronto events (filtered using tel area code) and ending with repeating events (sorted by day)

There will also be some formatting issues (date format, bolding on Venue Name)

Additional features on the wish list would be to have website links for the venue and artist as well as a hidden field for a contact email. It would also be very cool to enable users to "Add Event to my Calendar" (Google or iCal) and share on social media. I would also like to share with 

After years of searching, we haven’t had any success getting the code/scripts (either within the Google docs or using excel scripts/pivot tables, etc) that can streamline this weekly process which burns up many hours of blues society staff and volunteer time. Perhaps it’s just as well that it took this long, because if we had created a calendar five years ago it would not have accommodated all these mobile devices and it would not be able to share. Now we live in a world where the artist and venue can publish their event in one place and have it shared everywhere they want, other websites and event calendars, social media, etc.

What follows is an earlier pitch with some features that could be incorporated later

BPS has been publishing newsletters, directories and websites for numerous clients in the non-profit arts sector over the last 20 years and we are continuously trying to develop a better system to enable/encourage contributors to submit their event listings directly, to enable the clients to proof and approve the content before it's published and to work remotely.

The current workflow still involves a lot of  manual work that could be done automatically with some additional scripting and programming to  allow for flexible importing and exporting of the content, in particular:
  • converting from the spreadsheet to the  list format
  • converting from the spreadsheet to the day-by-day grid
  • converting the day-by-day grid to the online calendar 

• Automated email call for submissions is sent to mailing list
(this mailing list in continually updated with email addresses of anyone who submits a listing)

• Listings are received:

• An auto reply invites submitters to fill in the form at:

Results from the forms are loaded into the spreadsheet which is automatically updated and can be viewed by anyone at: 

 This grid is also displayed in a "list" format (sorted by Venue)

And as a day-by-day calendar...
(we need to be able to import and export in this format)

...which can be fancied up to display on the public website:

Every occurence of an artist's name will link to a pop-up window with picture, bio, official website link and a list of all performances in the spreadsheet.
Every occurence of a venue name will display a pop-up window with list of all events at that venue and a link to a map.
• Below are more examples of how this content gets re-purposed: well as E-Blasts like these: