Thursday, September 23, 2004

Apologies of the Day

well I've done it again to poor Eddy B - I ran one of his pictures
without a photo credit in the MapleBlues. To Eddy and all the
photographers I've done this to (and I've done it to all of them) my
sincere apology and appreciation for your tolerance and good-natured
acceptance of the foibles of the last-minute (barely)managing editor.
This is getting harder and harder to deal with because now that we
receive most of our photos digitally, there is no way to look on the
back for a rubber stamp "photo by". Hopefully someday there will be a
way of fingerprinting/watermarking/whatever that will make it easy to
identify the photographer. Meanwhile, we make our best efforts...

and for members of the Toronto Musicians Association, you will be
deprived of your Christmas Greetings in the current issue of Crescendo,
because even though we had a nice box planned...I went and forgot about
it! I guess I just couldn't get my head around a Christmas greeting in
the middle of July (which is when I was preparing it). Please note that
the TMA office will be closed at 1:00 PM Thurs. Dec. 23rd, 2004 until
Tues. Jan. 4th, 2005 for the Christmas holidays.

so that's why we have this apology page. But back to the music...

I had the gig of a lifetime on Sunday. The true essence of music. Three
guys who never played together, standing on a little patch of grass in
front of the huge Woodbine racetrack. People walking by, and some even
stopped for a while, but for the most part it was just us three guys
jammin. Once in a while I would pull out an original and sing a few
lyrics but for the most part we just started a groove and played our
hearts out - just for each other. I was on cloud nine - I don't know
about the other guys but I have the feeling that we all were aglow in
musical bliss and all thinking the same thing... "I can't believe we're
getting *paid* for this!" Oh yeah, who were those fabulous musicians?
Henry Heillig on string bass and Andrew Collins on mandolin. Both
overflowing with ideas. Hope we get to do that again sometime.