Saturday, September 25, 2004

One Small Step

Just handed over my third version of a mix of "Saab Story" to be

included on the next NorthernBlues sampler CD. I had a track on the

last sampler and it did get me a little attention...still there's no

substitute for having an actual album out there. Got to finish up these

tracks from Montreal and get the whole thing mixed. Wouldn't mind going

back to Montreal to mix it...somehow getting out of Toronto seems to

make me more productive...less distractions, that's for sure. I'm also

going to have to make some tough decisions about which tracks we're

going to drop from the album to make room for the new ones. These

Montreal sessions will give the whole album a new flavour - not

necessarily more blues, either. And the track for the sampler is the

least blues of the bunch. Some of the new tunes with fiddle & mandolin

might be called "bluesgrass". And "Saab Story" is as jazzy as I ever


Distractions of the day: A pleasant little gathering put on by SOCAN to

celebrate Lenny Solomon's "Fernanda" topping Canadian Music Network's

Bravo! Video Countdown chart on September 29, 2003. The single was

recorded by Lenny's group Trio Norte. Guitarist Bill Bridges was part

of that group and I hadn't seen him in years. After that I heard

Abdelli, an Algerian Berber now based in Brussels, who plays a

guitar/lute thang and has a group that really rocks - amazing female

multi-instrumentalist and the percussionist was quite amazing. On the

way home I stopped in to hear the last bit of the Soulive show at the

Opera House. They were playing their encore and it was like walking

into a Sly and The Family Stone shows in the seventies. It was pretty

intense, but chatting afterwards with my friend, Dr. Rick, he said

"that was the 'cool-down' song". How am I supposed to work on my own

music when all this great shit is going on all around me?